Keebler Christmas


After a few very close friends talked me into it <grin>. I WILL be doing the lights at the new house. They will however, NOT be the full 200K lights from previous years, i just wont have time to get the props redesigned and fixed from last year. But I will have something up and running. If anyone knows a free, fast, and easy way to photograph a large yard. Please contact me HERE as soon as possible. thank you



As of today, I am not planning on doing a display this year. for several reasons mostly, but the biggest is that we moved. and with moving and all the joys that come with that, there hasn't been time to get the workshop put together, and make much needed repairs on the lighting fixtures. Having said that, I am anticipating next year 2020 (my 11th year) to be up and running.

Thank you for all the comments and emails so far this year. Thank you for coming by and supporting my effort of love and hope especially in the days in which we live now. These are very trying times from political corruptness, to the constant stream of fake, hostile and negative news.